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Meal Prep Delivery Service

On Demand Meal Prep Delivery Service

We know you lead a busy life. While staying healthy is important to you, finding time to cook can be a hassle. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Plenty of our customers are just like you. Los Angeles Meal Prep Delivery Service is here to help you keep your diet in check while enjoying the foods you love.

1 Week Keto Meal Prep plan - $50

This 1 week keto meal prep plan is designed to help get your body into a Ketogenic state with 10 all natural Keto meals per week

1 Week Vegan meal Prep Plan - $50

Staying vegan can seem like a chore. Not any more. Make it easy on yourself with 10 pre-made vegan meals ready to go.

1 Week of Vegetable Juices - $30

Nothing kick starts a healthy vibe more than a juice cleanse. Get serious about your health and get 10 healthy juices ready to drink per week.

1 Week Body Building Meal Prep Plan - $50

It’s time to get serious about those gains. Get all the protien & carbs you need to fuel the pump.

1 Week Corporate meal Prep Plan - $50

You lead a busy lifestyle. Its OK. Let us take a load off by helping you get your lunches & after work meals ready to grub.

Upgrade t0 15 Meals Per Week - $25

Every meal prep plan comes with 10 standard items or juices. Use this upgrade to bump that up to 15 items per week.

Extra meal - $5

See something you like on the menu. This extra meal will help you add a single item to your cart.

The Best Meal prep Delivery Service In Los Angeles

You can’t beat 10 healthy meals for $50 a week. That’s almost unheard of in Los Angeles. Upgrade to 15 meals per week for an additional $25. If your really feeling the health kick, go big with 10 healthy juices for $30. Click the link below to check out our full Meal Prep Delivery Service Menu.

We Deliver

Whether you sitting in the park or at your job, we’ll deliver. Tell us when and where to go and we’ll be there. See you soon!

Eco Friendly

Yes, we care about the environment.  Everything we bring you is guaranteed to be 100% biodegradable!

Always Fresh

The most important thing is your food. We guarantee its fresh or its on us. Once you order, your life will change forever!

Organic Juices With Great Taste.

When is the last time you went on a juice cleanse? Its probably been a while. Take a look at our menu to see what we have in store for you.

When you’re ready, head back to our website and place your order!

Our LA Meal Prep Delivery Service

Don’t settle for anything but the best. We ustilize professionally trainned cooks in commercial kitchens to make some of the most flavorufl & healthy goods you’ve ever tasted.

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Have any suggestions, comments or questions? That’s what we’re here for. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for anything. Our team is always here to support.